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Going to the gym or getting started on a personal training regimen can be intimidating for a lot of newbies. Maybe you want to avoid the crowds at the gym or just don’t know how to lift properly yet… So, you ask the age-old question: Can a person get MASSIVE without ever lifting any weights? The short answer is no. But the long answer may still satisfy you. That’s because “bigger” doesn’t always necessarily mean “stronger”

The good news is that you can still build muscle and strength without lifting heavy weights. Some of the strongest athletes in the world are gymnasts and most of their training is based on calisthenics. On that same note, most American prisons don’t even offer weights for inmates to lift at recreation time;These prison yards contain bars without any plates, a track to run or jog, some pull-up bars and space to do push-ups.

A proper and regular calisthenics routine does have the potential to produce a lean and muscular physique. Pull-ups, Pistol Squats, Push-ups and Handstand Push-ups are considered some of the best calisthenic exercises for building strong, durable muscles.

Nutrition is also extremely important. As is commonplace, folks trying to build muscle mass should eat a caloric surplus and get lot’s of protein. If you want to gain size, you have to eat A LOT.

At some point you may have trouble gaining mass and strength from calisthenics alone. This is called a plateau. When this happens, you may need to start lifting some traditional weights or trying out some machines. If you don’t have those options, you might be able to enhance your callisthenic routine by wearing a weighted vest to increase the weight your body has to lift.

Of course, the easiest way to get BIG muscles is the classic adage: lift heavy weights in low reps, and eat a lot of lean, protein-filled food with all the good kinds of fats!

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