4 Stretches to Keep Yourself Nimble

It’s a well known fact that you should stretch before physical activity, but did you know that doing certain stretches regularly can help increase your flexibility and range of movement? Here are a few great stretches you can start to include into your daily routine! Bench Chest Stretch Lie down on a bench with a […]

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Fitness Lingo Decoded

You might know the basics, but do you know all the jargon? Don’t be caught unaware! Here’s a quick guide to some of the more advanced fitness lingo you might hear in the gym: EZ Bar The short barbell with the humps in it. Plates The round weights you place on the end of bars. […]

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Can You Get BIG Without Lifting?

Going to the gym or getting started on a personal training regimen can be intimidating for a lot of newbies. Maybe you want to avoid the crowds at the gym or just don’t know how to lift properly yet… So, you ask the age-old question: Can a person get MASSIVE without ever lifting any weights? […]

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How to Recover: The Right Way

Everybody can work out hard, but rarely do people understand how to recuperate correctly. Here are the best methods to heal your muscles on your rest days: Hot & Cold Many fitness and athletic professionals use ice baths to flush out the lactic acid that causes muscle soreness. You can get similar results at home: […]

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Do You Need To Work Out A Different Muscle Every Day?

After taking a substantial amount of time experimenting with various full body workouts and spilt routines, it is easier to understand how confusing and frustrating workout routines can be. Like how trainers and fitness coaches, for example, do spilt routines and end up with amazing bodies. When you exercise, with all your muscles being stimulated […]

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