4 Tips for Better Sleep

When life becomes hectic it’s tempting to attempt to manage on less sleep. Regular bad sleep, however, can have damaging impacts on your psychological and physical health. Many individuals have the tendency to put lots of things- especially their workout– before sleep. It can be a decding factorin your ability to work efficiently. Here’s 4 […]

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Choosing New Workout Clothes

How The Clothes You Wear Affect Your Workout There’s a reason we use special workout clothing when we hit the gym. It’s because we need to maintain comfort while still getting the very best results. From athleisure and streetletic styles to traditional active wear, there’s a lot to choose from. It comes down to picking […]

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The Science Behind a “Runner’s High”

Psychologically, runners may experience a feeling of being invincible, a reduced discomfort, and loss in sense of time according to Jesse Pittsley, Ph.D., American Society for Exercise Physiologists. It is commonly known as a “Runner’s High” that makes every running experience easier and more euphoric. Through long hours of running, athletes release feel-good chemicals that […]

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What Is Form+Function?

Form+Function is an entertaining and informative platform where readers can learn about health, wellness, fashion and fitness. Brought to you by premium athletic-wear brand Attitude Apparel, Form+Function is an online magazine filled to the brim with great, frequently updated content! From workouts to recipes, to articles on lifestyle and nutrition, Form+Function covers all bases. Form+Function […]

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