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After taking a substantial amount of time experimenting with various full body workouts and spilt routines, it is easier to understand how confusing and frustrating workout routines can be. Like how trainers and fitness coaches, for example, do spilt routines and end up with amazing bodies.

When you exercise, with all your muscles being stimulated and your entire body being stretched out, you’re doing a full body routine. When you exercise different parts and muscles of your body, taking different days for each particular fitness routine, then you’re doing a spilt routine.

It is better to point out the pros and cons of each type of fitness routine.

Full Body Workout: Pros & Cons


It is much easier to build a well-balanced body by doing a full body fitness routine. Most fitness professionals think of the body as one, so a spilt routine might not be functional.

It is also easier to miss a day’s workout when involved in a full body fitness routine. The fact that you exercise all your muscles in one work-out session would make missing a day irrelevant.

A full body workout routine helps with weight loss. Apart from muscles building, a full body workout routine creates a more powerful hormonal response, and this can help in muscle building.


It’s harder to focus on a given muscle group, or fitness pattern very intensely, especially limbs. This is because the intensity can be so tough and the lengthy recovery time after a workout would make it a bit difficult to handle.

Doing full body workouts can lead to overtraining if it is not properly structured. Working each muscle group too hard will cause an overtraining response. A muscle that has been worked with heavyweights thoroughly can take up to 5-6 days to recover.

If you are a beginner, it is more advisable to stick to full body workouts.

Body Part Split Routine: Pros & Cons


It is easier to control the targeted development of your physique. So if you want to increase the width of your shoulders, then you can do that.

It’s less challenging than the full body workout. It is also easier to switch up routines.


it is harder to burn calories than doing a full body session.

It gives a general muscle imbalance and can cause muscle confusion. You can guess someone engages in spilt routines when their upper body is smaller than the lower one.

Skipping a day is not advisable since it would take some time before you can exercise that particular muscle again. Spilt body routine is mostly suitable for fitness models.

At the end of the day, like most of these difficult fitness questions, a full body workout vs. split routine depends on what you want to achieve and what you enjoy.

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